domino leaha

Domino Leaha is a photographer based between London and LA. With no training and having never studied photography, Domino found her passion and talent for the medium came naturally when she started taking pictures of people or landscapes that made her feel something, describing her images as ‘very intimate compositions’. Choosing to shoot only in film, combined the cool LA-styling, Domino’s images have a grainy quality that transport you back to a vintage Californian scene.

Shoot credits:

Photographer - Domino Leaha, Stylist - Federica Orciani, Models - Algo Brehane and Avery Tharpe of Photogenics Los Angeles

Clothing credits:

Feminist t-shirt - Dior, white lace dress - Jen’s Pirate Booty, black boots - Dr Marten’s, black bikini bottom - Myra Swim, black star print trousers - Chanel, yellow dress - vintage Chanel, pink top - vintage Chanel, turtleneck top -, Cotton Citizen, white top - Missoni, silver boots - Balenciaga, jeans - Levi’s Re-Done

by Megan Blackburn

London, UK

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