Eleanor eves

Having previously studied at Leeds College of Art and now rounding up her final year at Glasgow School of Art, Eleanor Eves is a northern-based Textiles undergraduate who has found her niche in challenging the conventions of knit. Using a unique approach, which fuses the ‘found object’ with traditional knitwear techniques, Eves creates unorthodox textile designs which are extravagantly sculptural, playful and bold. We caught up with the young designer to find out more…

What inspired you to get into knitwear?


I’ve always knitted by hand with my mum. I’ve often thought of it as therapeutic. At GSA I began to use the knit machines since so much can be achieved in such a small time. A lot of people have a love hate relationship with knit; it definitely takes time and commitment, and countless attempts to get it right. For me, it clicked and I love being able to make a fabric essentially from scratch.


What types of materials do you prefer to use?

I’ve always tried to break away from traditional knit, and the unfortunate ‘twee’ stereotype that often surrounds it. Since first year, I have been fascinated by the ‘found object’ whether that’s something literally out of the rubbish or from a scrap store, for example foam offcuts to plastic tubing. Working consciously and resourcefully is incredibly important to me, which is why I’m especially careful about where I source my materials from and what will happen to the textiles after their use. When drawing, I always start with these materials laid out so that I can see the textures and the different shapes within them. It helps to keep these references within eyesight throughout projects so I don’t forget my start point. 

How would you describe your style?

Contemporary, colourful. 


Where do you find your inspiration and how has this influenced your current work? 


Buildings, mostly, and travel. It’s always great to be in a completely different setting both for the mind and for my work! During the earliest stages of a project, when I’m using photography to quickly capture ideas, high-rise flats are always my photograph favourites. I love the repetition and patterned façades of suburban multi-story structures.  My final project is all about fusing the ‘found objects’ I mentioned before, with the beautiful knit techniques which I’ve honed over the last three years. The aesthetic is inspired by Croatian architecture. At the moment the project is just in its drawing and testing stages, so I can’t wait to get on and produce some textiles. 

Knitwear - Eleanor Eves

by Rebecca Wade

London, UK

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