Simeron kaler

Simeron Kaler is a multi-disciplinary artist based in London. Since graduating from Chelsea College of Arts two years ago, Simeron has been creating beautifully minimal work across various mediums, taking her inspiration from poetic language, conversational narrative and personal memories. Her fluid and refined aesthetic, however, allows each illustration to lend itself to multiple interpretations. Simeron encourages the viewer to project their own thoughts onto each piece, inviting them on a therapeutic, visual journey. We caught up with the artist herself to find out more about her work and what’s in store for the new year… 

Can you explain to us a bit about what drew you to illustration and how you found your personal style?

I love illustration for the fact that it can take you on a journey. My personal style is very stripped back and minimal so that people can project their own thoughts onto my work. I'm very happy for it to be interpreted differently through different eyes. Bold ink work allows me to keep it this way. 

In terms of finding my personal style it was very organic. I began at a young age doing a lot of continuous line work and from there the lines have just got more confident and bold. I like the fact that they'll continue to change.

Where do you look for inspiration?

Everywhere! I do a lot of work with children and so I'm constantly taking inspiration from their mark making ability; how fluid and risk-taking they are is something I try to emulate. At the same time, I am constantly going to galleries; London is always showing an amazing mix of the greats as well as lesser known, up-and-coming artists. There really is inspiration everywhere you turn. 

Are there reoccurring themes or concepts that you channel frequently in your work?

There's a face that is in pretty much every image I draw, it's still nameless but it needs to be in every image or it doesn't feel right. I find it calming, it will always be the first thing I draw in a piece. I seem to also always come back to the female form and the idea of women reclaiming their bodies and being their own strength. This is something I am passionate about and will always explore. 

Your illustrations are impeccably minimal. Can you tell us a little about your artistic process, how do you refine your illustrations?

I think it's about the suggestion of an idea, as I said I'm not really about giving the idea to people on a plate and it only being one thing. The more interpretations of the piece the better. Keeping it minimal allows for the viewer to fill in the rest. 

How has your work evolved since you graduated last year?

A lot! Obviously at university you are given briefs so your creativity is already a bit boxed in. Plus, with all the work, there is far less time to focus on your own ventures. Since graduating, I've been able to spend much more time in my studio creating whatever I want. It's meant I have had more time to take risks and explore other mediums which is really exciting.

Can you tell us about any projects you’re currently working on or any plans you have for the near future?

My goal for 2018 is to make my work accessible to people by having more work on my online shop and doing a few pop-ups or exhibitions. I've also just launched my own embroidered tee which I'm really excited about; it has taken time as I wanted to ensure the quality is right but I'm so pleased with the result. There may also be some apparel collaborations in the pipeline...

All images - Simeron Kaler

by Rebecca Wade

London, UK

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